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Our Story

Sharanya has been created with a view to contribute to the green cover, that our state Maharashtra so richly deserves given its topography and weather. Most city dwellers of the state today are chasing their dreams in the dusty and cemented streets of their cities. 


Sharanya gives sanctuary to people looking to break off routine, cut off from the noise, and get away from the crowd.., surround you with nature.


Sharanya aims to promote peace and tranquility for everyone. It wants to contribute to the development and betterment of the local people, 


Sharanya is a celebration of sun’s energy and the power of karma..,




Come enjoy our beautiful property at Sharanya! Sharanya is the perfect place for you to stay for the perfect getaway, to relax and unwind with those you treasure most. Find out for yourself why this is the perfect holiday for making memories that will last a lifetime!


Sharanya is an easy going cottage built with ample spots to find your own space. It is perfect for one person or six and is fully equipped for adults and children. It is the perfect place to spend the evening if you are visiting imagica. When entering this quaint home, you will experience a feeling of nostalgia and contentment as you walk around and take in the rustic environment. Comprising of two acres of plantation along with a pretty cottage, an elaborate lawn, relaxing outdoor water-tank. Sharanya is an ideal vacation home for those who enjoy a rustic style getaway with all the comforts of home.


Wake up to the birds chirping in your own backyard as the eastern sun warms up the deck from behind the mountains. Early risers will enjoy a fresh cup of lemongrass tea in the presence of the farm animals that live right on the property! Spend your mornings on the terrace, doing a yoga routine, meditate or meander around the property and take in foliage. Do not worry about staying current on the latest news or social media, as there is no connectivity. You are actually cut off from the world. After a fun-filled day of local activities, cozy up on a comfortable spot, or choose from some of the comfortable spots and finish that book you have been meaning to read. Evenings is a special time to be at Sharanya. When you stay at Sharanya, you will enjoy the attention of caretakers who will ensure your needs are taken care of, while giving you complete privacy. 

Sharanya has a plantation that comprises mainly mango trees and lemongrass. In addition to that, it has guava, chikoo, papaya, kaju, badam, lemon, neem and jamun trees. The farm has kitchen gardens, growing various fresh seasonal vegetables. As with any farm.., it has adorable farm pet-dogs .


The farm has a very comfortable living area, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The green garden and the surrounding shade is cooling relief to all visitors. The farm includes a cooling water tank for visitors to enjoy in summer afternoons.

Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Outdoor Water tank

"Very serene and silent location. A charming quaint bungalow with a Great sit out deck offering  a fabulous view of the mountains."

"A beautiful place to spend the weekend.., large lawn for the kids to play in and lie around and read. Very polite caretakers who serve yumm food and lemon grass tea."

"Long walks through farm and treks to scenic spots, ideal way to spend a comfortable week-end. The Friendly dogs all add up to a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience."

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