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Sharanya has a spacious cottage with an enclosed lounging deck with excellent views. The cottage has been designed to enable unrestricted view of the mountains that surround the farm.

The cottage comprises two bedrooms, and a sitting room. There is comfortable sleeping arrangement with air-conditioning in all the rooms. There are two modern bathrooms available to the guests.

The facility has complete power back up through an extensive Solar Power Unit. Moreover there is Jiofi dongle that provides strong network. There is complete mobile connectivity if the guests have Jio mobile connections.

Overnight staying arrangements are available for group of seven, extendable to ten.

Sharanya will very quickly wrap you with its warmth and comfort. It has been built to provide you a homely environment that encourages you to kick off your shoes and get into a relaxed mood.

We provide simple cooked food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian that are sourced from local providers. These meals would be usually cooked with vegetables and grains from the farm or from the local area.

We encourage you to try our signature lemongrass tea from the lemongrass grown at the farm.



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